Course contents:

Hadith or Hadees can be defined as the narrations concerning the words and deeds of Muslim’s last Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him). Hadith are very important tools for understanding Quran and other matters of Islamic Jurisprudence. It becomes very difficult to comprehend the Holy Quran without the help of Hadith. If one wants to grasp the real meaning of Quran, then one has to seek the guidance with the help of Hadith. Being Muslims, it’s a moral binding on us that we should try to understand Hadith-e-Nabvi. Due to the importance of Hadith while understanding the Quran, there is a special course designed for Hadith class for our online learners. The course provides the learners with all the significant aspects of the knowledge of Hadith.

The most renowned books of Hadith such as:

  • Bukhari- Imam Bukhari
  • Muslim- Imam Muslim
  • Musnad Imam Abu Hanifa- Imam Abu Haneefa
  • Muta Imam Malik- Imam Malik
  • Muatta Imam Muhammad- Imam Muhammad
  • Kitabul Al Ataar- Imam Muhammad
  • Musannaf Abdur Razzaq- Imam Abdur Razzaq
  • Musannaf Ibn Abi Shaiba- Imam Abu Bakr ibn abi Shaiba
  • Musnad Humaidi- Imam Humaidi
  • Abu Dawood- Imam Abu Dawood
  • Nasa’ee- Imam Nas’ee
  • Tirmizi- Imam Tirmidhi
  • Ibn Majah- Imam Ibn Majah
  • Majma-uz-Zwaa’id- Imam Hayt’mi
  • Darmi- Imam Darmi
  • Bayhaqi- Imam Bayhaqi
  • Tabraani- Imam Tibraani
  • Mustadarak- Imam Hakim
  • Talkees Mustadrak- Imam Dhabi
  • Daar Qutni- Imam Daar Qutni
  • Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal- Imam Ahmad
  • Kanz-ul-ammaal-Allama Hindi
  • Mishkat al Masabih- Wali Udeen
  • Nayl al-Awtar- Qadi Shawkani

All these are taught in our Hadith course. Any other book of Hadith can also be taught on demand by the learners.