Who is Alim  and Alima ?

A scholar of Islam who is well-versed in the Qur’an. This term is derived from the word ‘ilm, meaning” knowledge usually of a religious or spiritual nature.

The meaning of the word Alim is “one who knows”. An Alim is regarded as an individual who has acquired true  knowledge of Islam. With this site you can have quick and easy access to the Qur’an in Arabic and its translations in English, thousands of Ahadith, Fiqh (Islamic law), biographies of companions, Islamic history, and other Islamic texts. Appropriate and in-depth study of these books could lead you to attain an acceptable level of Islamic knowledge to aide you in every day Islamic practices, ان شآء اللہ عزوجل

Course Contents:

1. Ilm –Ul-Sarf
2. Ilm-Ul-Nahw
3. Ilm-Ul-Adab
4. Ilm-Ul-Balaghat
5. Ilm-Ul-Mantiq
6. Ilm-U-Usool-Lil-Fiqh
7. Ilm-Ul-Fiqh
8. Ilm-Ul-Falsafa
9. Ilm-E-Usool-Al-Hadith
10. Ilm-Ul-Hadees
11. Ilm-U-Usool-Lil-Tafseer
12. Ilm-Ul-Tafseer
13. Ilm-Ul-Kalam

All the topics in this course will be taught from authentic books. Our aim is to provide such Alim and Alima to our Muslim Ummah who will paraphrase true Islam.


                   if any student has an aspiration  to learn selected books in the syllabus of Islamic Scholar Course , He/She will have to pay full fee of Islamic Scholar Course.